Monday, September 01, 2014

Seasonal Change

I've been blogging for so many other people that I have neglected this blog somewhat. I have not neglected my writing self, however.  The variety of clients I have ensure my skills stay sharp as I integrate myself into essay, writing about parenting experiences, cooking escapades, the accounting world, regional treasures and local events.  I've got it all.  And to feed the other parts of my brain, I've got PR, web content authoring and website layout work.  No, I cannot complain about my writing life in terms of satisfaction.  What I do worry about, though, is steady income.

I have a good friend who calls any money we earn from writing "writing dollars."  You see, we writers operate on our own economic scale, with the currency exchange rate being stupidly low.  One writer dollar equals about fifty in other industries, maybe even more, depending.  And the income is sporadic for those of us who survive mainly on freelance or contract work.  We spend a lot of time networking and marketing.  We spend a lot of time producing.  But the return is not commensurate with the effort or the product.  So I'm waiting to hear on some larger, onsite contracts that will put me in a better place financially, while enabling me to stay employed in this challenging field I've chosen.

Don't get me wrong.  The perks of freelancing have been wonderful.  I commute to my basement.  I sit in my pajamas or shorts, a cat on my lap, and type away.  I throw some laundry in, take care of the animals, answer calls, all from the comfort of my family room, which also happens to be my office.  At night, I am surrounded by people I love who, for the most part, respect my need for quiet as I wordsmith.  My kids love that I am here, that I have flexibility, that they can message me between classes (at least, I hope it's between classes) and know that I am generally available if they need me.  I attend to my volunteer work and get to write poetry between assignments.  If I get a bigger contract that requires me to work onsite, some of this is going to shift. 

The good news is, my kids are in high school and are able to handle mom "going" to work again.  The pets are house trained and can wait until someone comes home to care for them.  There is plenty of room in the morning, late afternoon and evening for us to spend time together, and there are weekends.  The only thing that might suffer a little more is housework, but frankly, that suffers anyway because I can't do a lot of it even though I am working from home.  Writers have to write, and that doesn't always leave many openings for cleaning toilets.  I wish the house were cleaner and more organized, but that's life. Our house is lived-in.

All of this is to say, with the kids going back to school tomorrow, we are once again transitioning, and I am looking forward to a seasonal change.  I don't know when it will happen, but it's coming.  As I explained to the kids, life is ever moving.  Nothing is stagnant. If it is, we don't grow.  I think it's my time to grow, and I am ready.  So prep yourself, world.  Here I come.    
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