Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pepsi, thou hath tricked me.

Or is it “thou hast”? I used to know these things when I studied Shakespeare and esoteric authors. Alas, it seems some details suddenly slip away. I could blame age. Or I could blame Pepsi.

You see, I am a diet soda addict. And I am trying to quit. There. I’ve said it, and I’ve said it in public.

Now, I know diet soda is one of the unhealthiest things you can put into your body for a variety of reasons, including its link to memory loss. Perhaps even more insidious, it is actually made to be addictive. What makes it addictive? Well, caffeine for one thing. Sweetness for another. Carbonation for yet another.

The caffeine and sweetness parts are common knowledge, but did you know that once your tongue gets used to carbonation, when your mouth gets hot and thirsty, you start to crave those little bubbles? It’s true. Carbonation stimulates the senses in a way that other drinks do not. And if you drink your soda extra cold, you get even more stimulation.

Here are the upsides to my addiction.
I drink. A lot. This is good, because the body needs fluids.
I drink cold liquid. This is good because cold liquids jump start the metabolism.

So here’s my plan to kick the habit (and I’ve already started). Instead of drinking diet soda, I am going to drink cold water or water flavored with organic lemon. Or, I will drink 100% pure cranberry juice mixed with water. And I will drink lots of it.

Why these drinks? First, they are cold. Second, they have zing. Third, the cranberry juice has just enough natural sugar to cure those cravings for sweetness, but not too much, since it’s mixed with water.

For anyone who has an addiction to something unhealthy, I am here to say, I know how hard it is to change because it’s not just about food or even habits. It’s about lifestyle. I firmly believe that as I change my lifestyle, I will see improvements in all aspects of my health. Eating organic food is one piece of the plan. Kicking the soda habit is another. You can bet other things are going to change, too. I will let you know what those are and when I’m going to start. My hope is that you will be inspired.
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