Monday, May 26, 2014

The Ragworts are Coming!

The Ragwort Chronicles, the Beginning:

The Ragworts of Brokenfell,
by Belinda Miller

You met the Ragworts in Phillip's Quest, Book I: Winterfrost. Now, they have their own three book series, for children 7 and up. A beautifully illustrated book, with the cover design by Dean Kuhta, the genius behind the illustrations and creation of "Winterfrost," by Belinda Miller and Dean Kuhta.

The Ragwort family are a strange group of gnomes who lived in Brokenfell Village, a peaceful little village, not far from Twistedoak. They live in homes made from ancient warrior statues and are expert carpenters. Unexpectedly clever, the Ragworts will form an unbreakable bond with Phillip and the other gnomes of Twistedoak.

Follow them from their beginnings, with Poppa and Nonna Ragwort, through their adventures to save Twistedoak. Meet Rawlink Ragwort and his family. And learn the Legend of the Blue Door!

The Ragwort family is coming to you this Summer, through: and the author's website:

The Ragworts of Brokenfell will be available in book and ebook format.  Look for them soon!
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