Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Poem for a Woman Who Does it All: Sheyna Burt

Wonder(ful) Woman
 (a draft)

She calls it "Shoes Optional Wednesday,"
pleased to own her own practice
where going barefoot
and wearing red toenail polish
doesn't violate some rule or other,
though she herself
is proficient in rules of law:
lawyer, attorney, solicitor, hosts
of nasty names designed to flame
even the good ones in the industry.
That's what she is, and if ever
a woman deserved a poem,
it's her. Her name is Sheyna,
as if that's not poetic
enough, and having an ode
written in her honor
will not even bring on
a blush. 

No one would guess
in her little spare time
she enjoys her wine,
posts on Facebook,
(calls herself a narcissist),
plays strings
in an international philharmonic,
advertises classical concerts,
runs an Arts Council,
sets up festivals.

No one would guess
her words pop out
honest as Beethovan,
sprightly as Vivaldi,
patient as Pachelbel.
She rubs rosin on stubborn politicians,
morphing them into appreciators of art,
tuning them until even they
sound suitable to be
heard in public.

No one would think
she was anything other
than funny woman,
witty woman,
or just plain woman.
She leans against
her sense of humor
like it's a wall,

writes her own symphony,
waits out the time
that lags pre-show,
keeps on her feet,
until she is called
to perform miracles again.

copyright 2014 
Katherine Gotthardt
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