Saturday, April 26, 2014

Exercises for National Poetry Month which I take random words from Twitter posts to form comparisons, associations and more, material that can be used for future poems.  I've highlighted the words I took from Twitter.

  1. Hope swells like a hot air balloon.
  2. A swarm of flies, curses spew from his twisted mouth.
  3. Soft-spoken older folk spread through the halls, like watercolor.
  4. Her mouth moves from frown to smile, unnaturally, a time-lapsed video.
  5. Constantly thanking the heavens, he treats gratitude like a talisman
  6. Her tone rings mysterious, like Wiccan lore
  7. Arguments about global warming assassinate the quiet meal.
  8. His voice pops silence like a chiropractor working on a body in a quiet, country cottage.
  9. The conversation hikes back to the rocky gap of extremism.
  10. He borrows the look of a tortured writer from his friend with the perpetual headache.  
  11. The Wall Street Journal is his Gospel, the Bible his sidebar.
  12. Online dating has its own strange acoustics
  13. A verbose television blabs in the back room.
  14. A smattering of logic's salt dissolves his claims faster than it does slugs.
  15. The graveyard calls, like an open heart.

copyright 2014
Katherine Gotthardt

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