Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Day 22, National Poetry Month

Play Date

Blogging never
was much fun
before I popped
a habit into place,
the right shape
into a toddler's game,
that lost cylinder
befitting the hole.

Then poetry
rounded itself out--
my mouth wrapped
the edge of the coffee cup,
swished eagerness
around my tongue,
took in caffeine
like a chorus.

Sounds of keystrokes
slid together,
messy desk ignored:
the medicine cap,
the dried out pen,
the nail polish remover,
all things narrative
and never written.

The rounded icon
for Internet set
only to this one page,
this one moment,
this ritual blessing
of the screen,
there comes now
the daily dump
of the toy box.
And I find
I am happy.

copyright 2014 KMG
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