Thursday, March 06, 2014

Guest Post by Jan Rayl!

Nursing the Spirit of Caring
By Jan Rayl

To look at your Nurse what do I see?
This is what you wish to ask me?

Flowing, glowing light in the heart,
This spirit of caring is where I shall start.

Meticulous, observant, watchful you tend,
To all those who come only to mend.

With vim, vigor, zip and pep,
I watch you take each and every step.

I’ve see you risk your very life,
That others may have minimal strife.

As you walk upon this windy, hilly road,
In life you take from others their heavy load.

Bravely, courageously, vigilantly, permanently,
You try to rid each and every infirmity.

Laughing, crying, happy and sad,
Your soul you bear to every lad.

Caring from the cradle to the grave.
That’s the kind of love you gave.

Life force so vital so divine,
Know I made your this Nurse of mine.

When to heaven you do trod,
A special place for you, near me,
Love God.

Jan is a travel and book review blogger. Jan is also a multi-media artist. Other fascinating travel facts, recommendations, adventures and reviews of the ever important vacation book can be found on Jan’s Blog at  or on Facebook at   drop by and leave her a comment.
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