Monday, February 10, 2014

My New Work Adventure

Maybe you can see from my graphic to the left that I have embarked upon a new adventure--focusing on running my own business.  This is an exciting time, as I have never put myself out there, offering a full range of services as opposed to just writing as a freelancer or teaching on a contract basis.  I'm ready to do it, though, and already am confident in part because of the support of many professionals I have met recently.  Most of these people brave the world of self-employment and have found satisfaction as well as success.  And since I have been told my services are useful, I believe I can have the same things.

Note, I do have a backup plan--working for a temp agency--but I don't want to have to resort to that plan.  I don't think I will have to, as I am already building a client base and have received numerous testimonials from satisfied customers.  I am grateful to these clients who have trusted me to assist them in a variety of ways, from writing to editing to setting up websites to providing blogging instruction.  I find myself expanding my technical skills, learning new ways to communicate, thinking up venues to demonstrate my expertise and exercising my creativity. I am empowered knowing I am stretching myself, that I am not afraid to make the jump up and that I will continue to grow as a professional.

Other things I am grateful for: the backing of my family and former colleagues.  It is not easy making this transition from a job I love, but it is one I believe to be prudent and timely.  I will miss working with these coworkers and for the mission, though I know there are other ways I can support the worthy non-profit that offered me temporary employment.  I learned a lot during my tenure there.

I guess this post is a kind of closure, a testament of change.  It is a statement of  what enabled me to make the change, and that is mainly those who encourage me.  I'm a kite with a strong wind beneath me, grounded by people who care about me.  And for that, I am blessed.       
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