Thursday, February 13, 2014

Guest Blogger: Nancy S. Kyme!

I am honored to be a guest on Katherine's website.  When I think of Katherine, I think of poetry.  Since we are supposed to be challenging ourselves on the Endless Possibilities Blog Tour, and since Katherine once told me writing descriptively is not so far away from poetry, I have taken a chance on crafting a poem.  None of it rhymes, which pains me, but apparently that's allowed. Therefore, in honor of Katherine's generous spirit, which is as dependable and comforting as freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, here's my poem: 

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Helping Mom;
standing on a chair,
playing with egg shells in the sink,
sprinkling the cup of flour into the bowl,
dipping a tiny finger into the golden batter when she is not looking.
scraping the empty bowl with a wooden spoon,
wishing she had left more batter,
hovering near the oven for the first batch,
dipping two hot cookies in milk,
watching the rest go into the Tupperware,
not knowing where they went from there,
always wishing for more.

On my Own;
taking a trip to the store,
following the recipe on the package,
stirring the black chips in to the stiff batter,
eating the batter from a spoon,
eating more batter,
sharing batter with my roommate,
realizing we don’t have a cookie sheet,
putting the batter in the fridge,
dipping into the batter at intervals,
baking one batch on aluminum foil,
there are no cookies to put away.

For Him;
removing chips from the freezer, partially opened, a few missing,
making the batter then
snuggling in front of the TV,
being cautioned by him about eating raw eggs,
sneaking a few dabs on my finger,
making sure the number of cookies matches the recipe because he’s counting,
serving a plateful with milk,
packing up the rest for him to take home,
wishing I’d held some back,
happy I didn’t the next day when my pants are too tight.

For the Family;
measuring the ingredients in a hurry,
slapping the kids hands when they try to eat raw dough,
letting them scrape the empty bowl,
allowing them to have four cookies with milk,
placing the rest in a Ziplock bag,
hiding them in the freezer,
trying to forget they are there,
packing them in lunches,
saying they are gone when they are not,
eating them in secret when the family is not around,
adding chocolate chips to the grocery list.  

I’m Nancy S. Kyme, the author of “Memory Lake, the Forever Friendships of Summer” a 2012 Next Generation Award Winning memoir.  When childhood friends plan to meet at a camp reunion thirty years after their adventures together at summer camp, a fun, inspirational journey begins in which the reader is immersed into summer, youth, and the warmth of meaningful friendships.  Present day challenges and past outdoor adventures are woven into an unforgettable tale of friends overcoming fear and grief through joy and laughter.
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