Friday, December 06, 2013

Letter from Myself

Dear Katherine,

I would like to be the first to congratulate you on ending your pity party.  I know it is difficult for you to admit when you need help, but in acknowledging it, you've taken the first steps towards recovery from this latest bout of depression--which is, after all, what you have been experiencing, no matter what you care to call it.  Realize you have done better than many people who cannot admit they have a problem, and thus do not seek assistance.  Be proud of yourself.

Now that you are feeling a little better, I hope you will remember that working with others consistently is important if you want to steadily improve your life.  Remember that just because today you feel better doesn't mean tomorrow you will feel as good.  That's just a reality for anyone.  But you must not give up on days like these--not that you would because I know you to be stubborn, usually in a positive way.  Commend yourself for having that quality.  You're truly a Tenacious Poodle.

Another advantage you have is that you know what you need in your life in order to succeed.  You know that work and structure are essential to your well being. You know having a sense of mission is crucial.  You know you are goal oriented.  You know you need more confidence.  You know you need exercise and healthy food.  And you know that you are a caregiver, but that caregivers must take care of themselves, something you admit you have neglected over the past months.  Recall when your child's doctor asked, "And who does Mom talk to?" you answered, "Herself."  Talking to yourself when you are in a funk is rarely productive.   

Finally, it's interesting to me that when someone asks, "How are you?" your answer is always, "Good!"  or "Not bad," even when that is not the case.  Sometimes you need to answer that question honestly, out loud, not to yourself and not just on a blog.  "I'm having a rough time right now," isn't such a horrible response.


Your Higher Self
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