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Off The Shelf: October 1, 2013‏

Off the Shelf:
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October 1, 2013
On October 1, 1888, the very first issue of National Geographic Magazine was published, and you may be wondering why that is worth mentioning.  Given the fact this debut occurred 125 years ago and you can now obtain the latest issue of that magazine on your mobile device, iPad, computer or phone via a neat library service called Zinio, it is indeed worthy of mention.  Zinio allows you access to “National Geographic Interactive”, and, as is the case with public library materials, accessing the magazine is free with your library card.  To get started, go to our webpage and click on “Downloadable Magazines” on the left side.  Once there, take the necessary few steps to sign up.  You will then have access to over 100 magazines, including the venerable National Geographic in interactive form.  Turning the virtual pages of the magazine, you can read the magazine articles just as readers did 125 years ago in the 19th century or you can click on videos and embedded content, a true 21st century approach.   However, if reading about rafting down the Amazon River or discovering a new species of toad is not your thing, then perhaps “Foreign Policy” and “Kiplinger’s Personal Finance” would be more to your taste.  If those don’t suit you, the good news is there are many more to choose from, as you will see when you become a Zinio user.
Did you know that planning for your two new library buildings is well underway?   Click on this page http://www.pwcgov.org/government/dept/library/Pages/Library-Building-Projects.aspx or go to the “About Us” section of our webpage to see conceptual drawings of the Montclair and Gainesville Community Libraries.  These new buildings will feature all the usual library materials, and will serve as community gathering places, thanks to meeting rooms, tutoring and study rooms and a myriad of activities and programs for all ages.  Scheduled to open in the fall of 2015, these new facilities will be welcome additions to our library system.
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