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Prince William Board of County Supervisors Agenda‏ - September 10, 2013

PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, VIRGINIA BOARD OF COUNTY SUPERVISORS Board Chamber, One County Complex Court Prince William, Virginia 22192


September 10, 2013

1. Pledge of Allegiance 2:00 P.M.
2. Invocation

Reverend Joe Pasani, Grace Baptist Church, Woodbridge
3. Presentations
 A. - Presentation – Employee of the Month – Melissa Peacor – Office of Executive Management

4. Approval of Minutes
A. RES - Approve Minutes of August 6, 2013

5. Consent Agenda
A. RES – Proclaim – September 2013 – Senior Center Month and Commemorate 30th Anniversary of Senior Center at Woodbridge – Courtney Tierney – Area Agency on Aging

B. RES – Proclaim – September 2013 – National Preparedness Month – Patrick Collins – Department of Fire and Rescue

C. RES – Proclaim - National Payroll Week – September 1-7, 2013 - Chairman Stewart

D. RES – Proclaim – September 17, 2013 – Constitution Day and Citizenship Day – Supervisor Nohe

E. RES – Proclaim – September 21, 2013 – Prisoner of War/Missing in Action Recognition Day – Supervisor May

F. RES – Commend – Prince William County Youth Salute Council – Chairman Stewart

G. RES – Commend – Nicholas Guernsey – Act of Heroism – Supervisor Caddigan

H. RES – Commend – Occoquan-Woodbridge-Lorton Volunteer Fire Department – 75th Anniversary – Supervisor May

I. RES – Approve – Board of Equalization FY 2014 Compensation for Board Members and Assistants – Ronald Yoho – Board of Equalization


J. RES – Approve and Authorize – Execution of the Proposed Leases for Community Services Mental Health Residential Services Homes at 3047 Cahill Lane, Dumfries, Virginia 22026; 3281 Gina Place, Woodbridge, Virginia 22193 and 10340 Butternut Circle, Manassas, Virginia 20110 – Tom Geib – Community Services

K. RES – Approve – Fiscal Year 2020 Congestion Mitigation Air Quality and Regional Surface Transportation Program Requests – Thomas Blaser – Department of Transportation

L. RES – Authorize – Design Contract Modification No. 2 Between the County and Greenhorne & O’Mara, Inc. in the Amount of $17,774 for Additional Engineering Services Required for the Old Bridge Road Pedestrian Improvement Project – Occoquan Magisterial District – Thomas Blaser – Department of Transportation

M. RES – Approve – Parkland and Park Building Naming Policy

– Debra Andrew – Department of Parks and

N. RES – Approve – Ball Fields, Trails and Park Amenities

Naming Policy – Debra Andrew – Department of Parks

and Recreation
Request - VDOT Accept Into Secondary Street System – Thomas Blaser – Department of Transportation

O. RES - Portions of Richmond Avenue Located in the Richmond Avenue Subdivision – Brentsville Magisterial District

P. RES – Portions of Barnetts Crossing Place Located in the Artois Subdivision – Potomac Magisterial District

Q. RES – Portions of American Eagle Boulevard and Kramer Estate Drive Located in the Eagles Pointe Section 1 Subdivision – Potomac Magisterial District

R. RES – Portions of Kramer Estate Drive, Powell Drive-Route 1905, Chase Eagle Lane, Eagle Beak Circle and Raptor Court Located in the Eagles Pointe Section 3 Subdivision – Potomac Magisterial District

S. RES – Portions of Meyers Road-Route 722, Quantico Gateway Drive-Route 3704 and Agency Loop Located in the Garrison Woods Subdivision – Potomac Magisterial District

Budget Amendments – All Departments
T. RES – Budget and Appropriate FY 2013 Year-End Savings of $85,130 for Bull Run Roads Service District and $96,530 for Lake Jackson Roads Service District Maintenance from their Respective Fund Balances – Thomas Bruun – Public Works


U. RES – Transfer $82,283 within the Graphic Arts and Print Shop Budget from Print Shop Copying and Printing Services, Print Shop Operating Supplies and Print Shop Machinery and Tools to Print Shop Equipment Lease – Thomas Bruun – Public Works

V. RES – Accept $208,939 from the Virginia Housing Development Authority for its REACH, Office of Housing and Urban Development and Bank of America Grants to Virginia Cooperative Extension Prince William, and Budget and Appropriate a Total of $138,939 for Grant-Authorized Housing Counseling Programs for Continuation of the Grant Restrictive Part-Time Housing and Urban Development Counselor G00020 with an Increase of .21 Full-Time Equivalent (.53 to .74), the Continuation of One Full-Time Housing and Urban Development Housing Counselor G00008, and One Grant Restrictive Part-Time (.69) Administrative Support Assistant III G00009 - Paige Thacker – Virginia Cooperative Extension

W. RES – Budget and Appropriate $4,125 and Transfer, Budget and Appropriate $115,966 from Proffer Contributions for a Full-Time Site Inspector Position for Potomac Shores – Potomac Magisterial District – Chris Price – Planning Office

X. RES – Budget and Appropriate $9,000 of Revenue from Payment of Revenue Sharing Agreement Due to the Virginia Department of Corrections in Accordance with a Lease Agreement – Thomas McQuillan – Department of Information Technology

Y. RES - Authorize – Condemnation Compensation Agreement with Brookfield Vint Hill, LLC, in Connection with the Route 28 (Linton Hall to Vint Hill)Improvement Project; Authorize a Public Hearing to Consider Quick-Take Condemnation of the Property Located at 11920 Nokesville Road, Owned by Herbert R. Murphy, Marguerite Baily, Robert A. Murphy, Roscoe W. Skinner and Betty J. Skinner; and Budget and Appropriate $53,000 in Payment from Brookfield Vint Hill, LLC – Brentsville Magisterial District – Thomas Blaser – Department of Transportation

Z. RES – Budget and Appropriate $20,501 in FY14 from Criminal Forfeiture Fund Revenue (State) for the Payment of Expert Medical Witness Fees Associated with the Prosecution of Criminal Matters – Paul Ebert – Commonwealth’s Attorney

6. Citizens' Time

7. County Executive

8. County Attorney
A. RES - Authorize - Closed Meeting
9. Public Hearings 2:00 P.M.
A. RES - Authorize Condemnation and Quick-Take Powers – 3695 Elm Farm Road - Authorize Condemnation and Exercise Quick-Take Powers to Acquire Property and Easements on 3695 Elm Farm Road – Parcel "A" (Parts 1-3), in Conjunction with the Prince William Parkway (Old Bridge Road to Minnieville Road) Project – Neabsco and Occoquan Magisterial Districts – Thomas Blaser - Department of Transportation
B. RES - Install Speed Tables – Hunters Ridge Community – Request Department of Transportation to install speed tables in the Hunters Ridge Community on Coloriver Road-State Route 3022, Charles Lacey Drive-State Route 3031 and Peaks Mill Drive-State Route 3027 – Coles Magisterial District – Thomas Blaser - Department of Transportation
10. Supervisors' Time
A. RES – Request – Virginia Department of Transportation to
Install Multi-Way Stop Signs at the Intersection
of Myrtlewood Drive at Avenel Lane and Dunes Court
Potomac Magisterial District – Thomas Blaser –
Department of Transportation
11. Closed Meeting
A. RES – Certify Closed Meeting
12. Citizens' Time 7:30 P.M.
13. Public Hearings
Consolidated Public Hearings
A. ORD - Rezoning #PLN2012-00306, Hoadly Manor Estates - To
rezone ±14.74 acres from A-1, Agricultural, to R-4, Suburban Residential. The site is located on the north side of Websters Way, approximately 1,200 ft. east and south of its intersection with Hoadly Rd. and Reserve Ln.; is identified on County maps as GPIN 8093-20-9730 (pt.); is designated SRL, Suburban Residential Low, in the Comprehensive Plan; and is within the Hoadly Rd. HCOD - Neabsco Magisterial District – Scott Meyer - Planning Office


13. Public Hearings (Continued)

Standard Public Hearings
B. ORD - Special Use Permit #PLN2012-00366, Victory’s Crossing Church - To allow a 40,000 sq. ft. religious institution with related facilities, including a child care facility with a maximum of 100 children. The +/-17.66-acre site is located on the southwest corner of the intersection of Vint Hill Rd. and Kettle Run Rd. The site is identified as GPIN 7495-50-9380, is zoned A-1, Agricultural, and is designated AE, Agricultural or Estate, in the Comprehensive Plan - Brentsville Magisterial District – Steve Donohoe - Planning Office

C. ORD - Special Use Permit #PLN2013-00143, AT&T Cardinal Drive - To extend an existing ±61-foot Dominion Virginia Power H-frame transmission pole to a maximum finished height of 133 feet for a telecommunications facility with up to 12 AT&T antennas and related ground equipment with associated landscaping, and to request setback waivers from public streets and adjacent agricultural and residential-zoned property and modified landscape buffering. The subject site is located ±52 feet to the north of Cardinal Dr., within an existing 100-foot VEPCO power easement between Cardinal Dr. and Bushey Dr., and ±400 feet to the east of its intersection with Beau Ridge Dr. The property is addressed as 15618 Bushey Dr.; is identified on County maps as GPIN 8290-19-8154; is zoned A-1, Agricultural; and is designated PL, Public Land, in the Comprehensive Plan - Neabsco Magisterial District – Scott Meyer - Planning Office

D. ORD - Special Use Permit #PLN2013-00206, Bakhtary Property - To allow a motor vehicle sales, rental or lease (limited) facility at 7508 Centreville Rd. The ±0.872-acre site is located on the west side of Centreville Rd., approximately 300’ south of the Centreville Rd. and Yorkshire Ln. intersection. The site is identified as GPIN 7897-23-7125, is zoned B-1, General Business, is designated GC, General Commercial, in the Comprehensive Plan, and is located within the Route 28 ROD, Redevelopment Overlay District - Coles Magisterial District – Scott Meyer - Planning Office

E. RES - Proffer Amendment #PLN2013-00174, Madison Crescent Proffer Amendment - To amend the proffers from REZ# 2002-00154, to re-designate +/-5.33 acres of landbay C from PMD, Planned Mixed Use District

(B-1, General Business/O(M) Office Mid-Rise), to PMD (HDR, High Density Residential & B-1/O(M). This change will allow for the construction of 71 townhouse units and 9 live/work units within new landbay E. The proposal will also amend the proffers specific to landbay B to create new landbay D and allow for a portion of the existing 50 ft. wide buffer along GPIN 7296-09-9438 to be vacated. The site is located on the northeast corner of the intersection of Lee Highway/Route 29 and James Madison Highway/Route 15. The site is identified as GPINs 7297-10-0142 (part) & 7296-19-2979 (part), is designated CEC, Community Employment Center in the Comprehensive Plan, and located within the I-66/Route 29 Sector Plan - Brentsville Magisterial District – Stephen Donohoe - Planning Office

F. RES - Rezoning #PLN2013-00046, Featherstone Square - To rezone +/-8.66 ac. from R-4, Suburban Residential & B-1, General Business to PMR, Planned Mixed Residential with modifications & waivers. The site is located on the N.E. side of Featherstone Rd., +/-360 ft. S.E. of its intersection with Rt. 1 & is identified as GPINs 8391-56-0495,-1289,

-2081, -2875, -3569, -4263, -5057,-57-0003, & -2037. The site is designated Urban Mixed Use (UMU) in the Comprehensive Plan as part of the Potomac Communities Sector Plan - Woodbridge Magisterial District – Fran Burnszynski- Planning Office

14. Adjourn Meeting
A. RES – Adjourn Meeting
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