Sunday, September 01, 2013

Press Release: Gainesville Ballet builds Facility, Faculty and Programs‏

     GAINESVILLE, Va. – With the crescendo of construction on Old Linton Hall Road, Gainesville Ballet Company and School is poised to launch an expansive new facility in Gainesville, Virginia in September of 2013.  While the redesigned space may be new to the community, those that will fill the space with energy, rhythm, movement and choreographic interpretation have been entertaining audiences on the stage for many years.
     The artistic organization reflects a first-of-its kind endeavor in western Prince William County, drawing upon multiple disciplines of the performing arts, an international faculty and a professional, state-of-the-art space that defines the organization as one of the leading cultural institutions to grace our community.  The aesthetic of the facility is fitting to the traditions of the fine arts, with hints of Greco-Roman style in the elegant backdrop.  Through vision and commitment, Gainesville Ballet has sought to establish a non-profit organization in the arts, and is a proud member of the Prince William County Arts Council
     Gainesville Ballet has been operating under new direction and ownership since February 26, 2013, as Elysabeth Muscat builds upon the strong foundation established over the past eight years.  She has assembled an international cast of professionals to serve as an expanded faculty, with the leadership of Rafik Hegab as Artistic Director and Shady Aly from Egypt.  Onica Hobbs and Stephanie Parkinson continue to serve Gainesville Ballet as instructors for the school.  Kathryn Walker has also recently joined the arts faculty.  Reaching beyond borders, the school will draw upon the global arts community to bring guest dancers for performances in the metro-D.C. region, and to teach Master classes by leading instructors in the industry.  The experienced faculty and specialty programming represent a thriving addition to the cultural experiences of residents of the region.
Lauren Loomis, M.B.A.
Director of Communications, Gainesville Ballet

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