Thursday, August 29, 2013

Nose Appreciation Day

Dear Readers:

This morning, I am thinking about the nose.  The nose is often taken for granted and dismissed except when we have a cold, in which case, we curse the nose even though it's still doing its job by evicting hazardous substances.  Hence, I am proposing Nose Appreciation Day.  If we look at the calendar, we see there is a day for everyone and everything: Women's Day, Labor Day, Mothers Day, Columbus Day.  So why not Nose Appreciation Day?

How will this holiday be celebrated?  Assuming employers will not give the nose a day of rest from sniffing burning coffee and tuna fish sandwiches, enduring B.O. and stuffing up from bad cologne, they could at least provide quality tissues, soothing creams and nasal massage.  (Surely, it should be easy to find a massage therapist specializing in nostrils.)  Aroma therapy would be the creme de la creme of the day, making for a better commute home when the poor nose is subjected to exhaust fumes.  The big picture: a happy nose means reduced stress, yielding a more peaceful family life and, ultimately, increased productivity in the office.

The nose knows it is under-appreciated, though it gives us so much pleasure when bread is baking, when roses are blooming and when the air smells fresh and sweet after a warm spring rain.  The nose fills a space between the eyes and mouth, giving our face character and balance.  And though there are those who get nose jobs, the nose does not abandon us.

We should be grateful for the nose and treat it with respect, at the very least, one day per year.  And so, I offer this proposal with a sincere heart, an understanding of the crucial part the nose plays daily and a clear plan.  Please look in the mirror today and consider seriously.

Katherine Gotthardt    

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