Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Off the Shelf: from the Prince William Public Library System July 16, 2013

Happy 407th birthday, Rembrandt!  How about all you aspiring Rembrandts out there?  Have you picked up a paintbrush or some drawing pencils yet this summer?  Come in where it is cool and find your inspiration in one of these books – all you need is your library card:
·         “Secret Knowledge: Rediscovering the Lost Techniques of the Old Masters” by David Hockney
·         “Painting Landscapes Filled with Light” by Dorothy Dent
·         “Oils: Step by Step Art School” by Patricia Seligman
·         “Portrait Painting Atelier: Bold Master Techniques and Contemporary Applications” by Suzanne Booker
·         “Portraits from Life in 29 Steps” by John Howard and Elizabeth Sanden
….and these are just a few of the hundreds of how-to books that touch on portraits, the use of light, oil painting and other Rembrandt techniques.   While you may never be another Rembrandt, you won’t know what you can achieve until you break out the paintbrush, and your library card can help you get started.
At the recent International Thrillers Writers’ Thrillerfest in New York, debut (first-time) thriller authors were recognized for clever, one might say thrilling, writing.  Check out some of these newbies to find your next favorite author:
“A Spoonful of Murder” by Connie Archer – in the first in the Soup Lovers Mystery Series, a chef is in trouble and a tourist is found dead and frozen in the snow.  More to come in the follow-up, “A Broth of Betrayal”.
“The Colony” by A.J. Colucci – do you need to hear any more than “genetically altered ants attack New York City” to be ready to grab this one?
“Anonymous Sources” by Mary Louise Kelly – NPR reporter Kelly uses her background as a journalist to create a riveting story of an investigative reporter, a terrorist cell, and spies.
“Cover of Snow” by Jenny Milchman – when a wife’s rock-steady policeman husband commits suicide, his she refuses to believe it and is caught up in a web of intrigue.
“Sacrifice Fly” by Tim O’Mara –a former policeman turned public school teacher finds his star baseball player missing and the player’s father bludgeoned to death.
And there are many more…60 new authors, spanning genres from children’s stories to cozy mysteries to hard-boiled detective tales, were featured.  Find these authors and more in the organization’s online magazine at: http://www.thebigthrill.org/

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