Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Freely Associating in the ER

Yesterday, my husband was in the ER for what turned out to be an intestinal infection.  While we waited for him to get a CT scan, high on morphine, he suggested we play a game. I told him about the one I had played in the morning, so we did that until he proposed a variation: name a food that starts with each letter of the alphabet.  Some letters like "u" were really tough, as you will see by what we came up with--a bit of a stretch.  But what else would you expect from someone on morphine who is playing a word game with me?  Enjoy! 

A apple
B banana
C carrot; catfish
D Devil Dog
E eggplant; eggs
F frankfurter; fish
G grapes; grapefruit
H hamburger; ham
I ice cream
J juice; jam
K kimshee
L lima beans
M macaroni; mustard
N nuts
O octopus; orange
P peanuts
Q quail; queso
R raisins; reindeer
S soup; sour kraut
T turnips
U upside down pineapple cake; urchin; unsweetened chocolate
V vegetables; venison
W water
X (x-tra) crunchy peanut butter
Y yellow squash
Z zuchini

I won't bother asking anyone to write a poem using these words like I did in my last post.
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