Monday, July 22, 2013

Free Association

It's Monday, and to get the creative juices flowing, I thought I would do a little alpha-associating.  No, this does not mean I will be fraternizing with aggressive dogs or blow-hard men.  It means I will take each letter of the alphabet and write the first word that comes to mind.  I will be as honest as possible, no matter what the results and how they might affect my public image (whatever that is or isn't). 

Why do this?  First, it's fun.  Second, it's easy.  Third, you can play games with the words after.  For example, write a poem using mostly words from the list.  Play Scrabble and see how many of the words you can get on the board.  Try rhyming each word with another.  Then do it in Spanish.  Analyze the connections between words and write an introspective essay.  See how fun words are?  Okay, let's go.

A  animal
B  bitchy
C  catchy
D dirty
E effective
F finished
G good
H hell-bent
I ignorant
J jerk
K kill
L lament
M meat
N neat
O octopus
P pussy willow
Q Quentin
R respect
S stupid
T tumultuous
U umbreallas
V victorias
W well-spent
X xenophobic
Y yello
Z zephyr

Let's do it again.

A asshole
B bitch
C curly
D defective
E eggplant
F fanatical
G giant
H humungous
I ignorant
J jerk
K Katherine
L Lloyd
M Michael
N nicotine
M miraculous
N noxious
O octopus
P puppet
Q quiet
R Richard
S Steve
T Thomas
U underwear
W wet
X xylophone
Y yellow
Z zebra

One more time.

A again
B boring
C caring
D daunting
E elephant
F Francis
G George
H Henry
I ice
J Joe
K Katherine
L lament
N noxious
O opine
P pocupine
Q query
R Richard
S Steve
T Tom
U underwear
V victorious
W wetlands
X x-ray
Y yes
Z Zelda
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