Sunday, June 30, 2013

Studio13 Offers Holistic Health Coaching Online & In Person

Studio13, a part of CatKlaw, Inc., offers Holistic Health Coaching to a variety of populations, ranging from children to geriatric, and addresses a whole host of health concerns. Studio13’s goal is to help people take control and responsibility for their own health, whatever their goals may be.

While located in Prince William County, Virginia, Studio13’s coaches span the nation and are working on expanding internationally.


* Health Assessments – a FREE 15-min Health Assessment followed by a 15-20 minute discussion about your goals

* Personalized Nutritional Supplements – proper supplementation can make a world of difference in your energy levels and overall health; see how taking quality, potent supplements can add energy and health to your body – our team uses and recommends USANA Health Sciences to all of our clients.

* Personalized Fitness Plans – get moving with a personalized plan based on your fitness levels and goals

* Hypnotherapy/Relaxation Training – get your subconscious mind in line with your conscious and watch your progress on your goals grow in leaps and bounds

* Self Defense Seminars – awareness about our diet and energy levels isn’t our only focus; safety on the street, in your home and more is just as important

Client Results
Just a few client results:

* Big Mike is down over 100lbs since starting his program. As a martial arts instructor, fitness is key in his teaching ability. The USANA Reset Program has helped him lose the weight, manage his digestion, and increase his energy levels.

* Mary has lowered her cholesterol by 100 points and taken the cholesterol meds out of her daily pill regime.

* Nick has done away with inhalers and allergy meds.

* And more….

About Our Coaches
Coaches span the nation, and each has a particular area of expertise. Dr. Stacia Kelly bases a large portion of her coaching on her book, Reduce You, A Holistic Approach to Weight Loss & Nutrition. Plans are personal and confidential. Each coach is certified via Studio13’s Optimal Health Challenge where they have learned not only how to focus on health and wellness for themselves, but how to guide others in the process.
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