Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Prince William County Board of County Supervisors vote to adopt VDOT 6-Year Plan

During Tuesday’s board meeting, the Prince William Board of County Supervisors voted to adopt the Virginia Department of Transportation’s (VDOT) 6-Year Secondary Road Plan for FY 2014 through FY 2019.
At the same time, the Board accepted VDOT’s 6-year Interstate/Primary Improvement Program, which the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) uses to determine which road projects within the interstate and primary road systems, should proceed.
Funding for Interstate/Primary road projects in the Northern Virginia region are based on a predetermined formula of levels of service, volume and needs for roads across the entire state. The list of Interstate/Primary Roadway improvements the Board accepted includes:
  • I-66 Widening (Route 29 to Route 15)
  • I-66/Route 29/Linton Hall Road (Gainesville) Interchange
  • I-66/Route 15 Interchange
  • Route 1 (Mary’s Way to Featherstone Road)
  • Route 1 (Dumfries Road to Brady’s Hill road)
  • Route 1/123 Interchange (Phase II)
  • Route 1/123 Interchange Auxiliary Roads (Annapolis/Horner Road)
  • Route 15 (Route 29 to Route 55, including railroad overpass near route 55
  • Route 28 (Linton Hall Road to Fitzwater Drive)
  • Route 28 (Centreville Road)Safety and congestion Enhancements
  • Route 215Improvements (Kettle Run Road to Sudley Manor Drive)
  • Interchanges on Route 234 Bypass at Balls Ford Road, Sudley Manor Drive, University Boulevard, Brentsville Road
  • Potomac Town Center (Potomac Nationals) Garage

The Board removed the proposed Bi-County Parkway from the list before giving its approval.

According to the County’s Transportation Manager, Ricardo Canizales, secondary road projects are prioritized based on available funding that best matches the scope of a given project. The County also coordinates with VDOT to aid in prioritizing secondary road construction. 
Each year, VDOT, working in conjunction with local jurisdictions, distributes a specified amount of state money through a formula based largely on population and land area. To get their share of the money for secondary road projects, local jurisdictions must submit a list of roads that need improvements.
Projects in Prince William County that were added to this year’s draft plan for secondary roads include:  
  • I-66 Widening (Route 29 to Route 15)
  • Paving Burwell Road from Fitzwater Drive to the Fauquier County line
  • Paving Signal Hill Road from Evans Ford Road to Montyville Drive
  • Widening Telegraph Road between Minnieville Road and Prince William Parkway
  • Widening University Drive
  • Vint Hill Road Intersection from Kettle Run Road to Sudley Manor Drive
  • Route 234 Stormwater Management Pond at Stockbridge Drive
While this year’s secondary road plan only includes gravel road funding for Burwell Road, the Board needed to accept the plan in its entirety to be eligible for any future funding that might come the County’s way. 

VDOT expects that some funding for secondary road improvements will be available between FY 2017 and FY 2019.
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