Wednesday, June 19, 2013

ARC Opens Expansion of Facility​

Those familiar with the ARC of Greater Prince William/INSIGHT know that the people there have long felt the need to serve more clients. That goal is now within reach.

The organization, which serves roughly 2,000 developmentally disabled people in Prince William County, Manassas and Manassas Park, held a ribbon cutting ceremony Saturday to open its new building on Hillendale Road in Dale City.

Design and architecture for the 3-level building addition was so well executed that it’s hard distinguish the new from the old.

The bricks of each are the same shade, the windows, old and new, match up as do the roof shingles of each.

Everything matches perfectly,” said Chris Caseman, ARC’s director of resource management. “Folks say, ‘Where’s the new building?’”

But Caseman said the best thing about the $3.5-million project, is that it comes without a mortgage.

"The most amazing is, it’s all paid for,” Caseman said of the building and renovations that were completed with money from The Potomac Health Foundation, the Hylton Family and Prince William County, which beginning in FY 2012, allocated $1 million over five years to the organization.

Susan Rudolph, the Deputy Executive Director of ARC, said the organization will now be able to house four registered nurses, four licensed practical nurses and a part-time physical therapist in the new building.

“We never had a nursing department before. We actually have a clinic, so now they have a home,” Rudolph said. In addition to housing its nursing staff, ARC’s Clinical Coordinator now has a base of operations as well, Rudolph said.

“She is now doing clinical coordination to pull all of the services together to make sure the person is getting the right service at the right time and helps the family navigate the system,” Rudolph said.

Much of the care ARC’s clients receive comes from Medicare which doesn’t necessarily cover all expenses, so ARC beats the bushes to find money so all its clients can be well served, Rudolph said.

“Most people can’t find a Medicaid provider, so we decided we would be that provider and we would go after foundation money and other grants to help supplement that so we can still give good patient service,” she said.

Supervisors Maureen Caddigan, Frank Principi, John Jenkins and Chairman Corey Stewart attended the ribbon cutting ceremony along with about 500 clients and their families.

Stewart said that shared goals made the building possible.

“Here in Prince William today, because there was a common vision, because we were able form a public-private partnership, we have behind us this beautiful facility that will serve residents for decades to come,” Stewart said. “I really think that it’s a testament to the strength of our community.”

Ray Roberson, ARC Board Member, said he could see nothing but opportunity as the new building opened.

“We can just do so much more,” Roberson said. “For the families that need help, that really means a lot.”

Denitra Johnson’s daughter Brianna is a client at ARC, and Washington said she thinks the building will offer her daughter opportunities that she might have missed without the expansion.

“I think it’s going to help her interact better with other kids she doesn’t know. I think more staff interaction is going to be great,” Washington said of Brianna who helped ARC employee Malcolm Burke, sing the “Star Spangled Banner” at the ceremonies.

Earmie Washington said she’s thankful for the benefit the expansion will bring to her 15-year-old son, Aaron, a student at Forest Park High School.

“I’m just so happy. I think it’s going to be able to serve more people in the community. It’s such a blessing. I’m so excited,” Washington said.

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