Saturday, May 18, 2013

Make Your Opinion Known to the State Board of Education

Express your thoughts on proposed regulations allowing use of seclusion, restraint and aversive practices on students with disabilities in private school. Did you know the State Board of Education is considering proposed regulations governing the use of restraint, seclusion, and aversive practices for students with disabilities in private schools? The draft regulations would permit prone restraints and other restraints that could impede breathing and might injure, harm, or result in death. As proposed, the regulations would not fully protect a parent's right to know or be able to have a debriefing to work with the school to make changes. Additionally, the language does not limit these practices to emergencies where they are absolutely necessary to protect someone from physical harm.

The Virginia Department of Education has recognized stakeholder concerns and deferred action on these regulations. It is important that the State Board of Education hear from constituents.

School HallwayTo learn more, read the public comment statement developed by the Virginia Coalition for Students with Disabilities.

If you are an individual and you support these comments, you can send an email to expressing your support for the Coalition's comments. Or you can write your own letter regarding their impact.

If you wish to sign on to the Coalition's comments on behalf of your organization and have the authority to do so, the Coalition asks that you use the webform.

The deadline is Tuesday, May 21 at 5pm for organizational sign-ons. 
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