Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Conservation inFARMation

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Pond Management Seminar May 17
Planning for the Future of Your Land Seminar May 22
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Board members:
Steve Danziger, Chairman
Austin Haynes, Vice Chairman
Jim Gehlsen, Treasurer
John Pickeral, Jr;., Secretary
Paige Thacker, Director
Associate Directors:
Deb Oliver
Elizabeth Ward
Bruce Holley
Christopher Wallace
Harrison Glasgow
Jay Yankey, District Manager
Jeannie Heflin, Office Manager
Nicole Ethier, Conservation Spec.
Kelly Jimenez, Outreach/Ed. Spec.
Laurie Raines, Education Spec.
Conservation Aides:
Carrie Brausieck
Chris Lund
The District is funded by Prince William County and the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation.
Conservation inFARMation
Spring 2013
pwswcd@pwswcd.org  We are your go-to folks to assist you with managing your agriculturally zoned property whether it is agriculture production, pleasure horses, boarding horses, dairy, aquaculture, forestry, sod production, or vegetable production.   We can help you make the best environmentally sound decisions to enhance your operation for the betterment of all aspects.
Below are two events of interest to landowners in Prince William County.  If there are specific topics you are interested to learning more about, please let us know by emailing pwswcd@pwswcd.org.
Taylor lakeRegister Now           Pond Management Seminar
Save the Date and Register Now!  Friday, May 17 pond management seminar at Windy Knoll Farm, 11602 Kettle Run Road, Nokesville, 1-5pm. 
Sponsored by Prince William Soil & Water Conservation District in partnership with Virginia Cooperative Extension, Virginia Dept. of Game & Inland Fisheries, Virginia Waters & Wetlands, and Windy Knoll Farm. Guest speakers Lloyd Hipkins, John Odenkirk and Joe Ivers will talk about pond weed management, fish stocking, creating wildlife habitat, leaking pond solutions, and fishery survey and management demonstration. Mail registration and check for $10 per person by Friday, May 10 to: PWSWCD, 8850 Rixlew Lane, Manassas, VA 20109. For more information or questions email nicoleethier@pwswcd.org or call 571.379.7914. 
Planning for the Future of Your Land
Save the Date May 22, 9:00-4:00, Register Now! Cost? FREE. Where? George Mason University, Prince William Campus, Verizon Auditorium, Manassas, VA. Conservation easements are an effective tool for landowners who seek to protect the natural and historic values of their land while maintaining ownership. Landowners who donate a conservation easement may qualify for federal and/or state tax benefits. For many landowners, a significant portion of their wealth is tied to their land. Learning how potential tax incentives may affect a landowner's financial situation can help safeguard this important asset, provide financial benefits, and ensure a conservation legacy for future generations.

Join the Northern Virginia Conservation Trust and the Virginia Department of Forestry to explore the complexities of conservation easements with keynote speaker Tim Lindstrom, author of A Tax Guide to Conservation Easements. A panel of landowners will also share their experiences protecting their land with a conservation easement.
(This program has been accepted by the Certified Financial Planner Board for 4.0 credit hours and by the Society of American Foresters for 6.0 credit hours Category 1-Cf. Continuing legal education credits are pending.)
For more information, comments or requests email pwswcd@pwswcd.org or call 571.379.7514.

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