Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Your Opinion Please

It seems there are a lot of people who want my opinion--friends, family members, retailers (online and otherwise), political poll takers and groups I belong to.  You'd think I'd feel popular, but the fact is, sometimes all these questions can overwhelm me.  So I've had to be careful about what surveys I'm willing to take, what advice I can realistically offer and where I can/should direct my energy.  Family and friends come first, and if I have time or interest, I offer this piece of myself, which does legitimately have some value.

Because I know my thoughts are valuable, I sometimes offer my opinion to those who disagree with my self-assessment or who don't want feedback.  I do this when I feel something is wrong, and it typically is directed at institutions and public officials.  In these cases, I usually piss people off because they don't agree with my opinion, are annoyed because they didn't ask for it, mistake it for criticism, don't want to admit I'm voicing an opinion shared by many others who just aren't as vocal as I am or are just plain evil and want to carry on in a way that hurts others.  Oh well.

The only reason I bring this up is that lately, I seem to be getting barraged by questions and surveys.  I finally changed the message on my voice mail, politely reminding poll takers that we are on the do-not-call registry and that they should hang up.  The message is also meant for charities, telemarketers and solicitors.  I figure an up-front announcement like this is a lot more polite than my simply hanging up or not answering the phone at all.  I am not naturally a rude person, but when I get irritable, I can be, and I don't like to act that way.   

I know lots of people who pick up the phone every time it rings and never bother to unsubscribe from email lists.  I'm not one of those people. I'm just too busy.  What about you?
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