Thursday, March 14, 2013

Kirby Strikes Again

Okay, it's the honesty hour here on Tenacious Poodle. 

The other day, this gal came to the door while I was on the phone with my friend.  I don't usually answer if it looks like a solicitor is knocking, but I guess I was distracted.  The young lady said she was from Kirby (one of those vacuum/carpet cleaner sales places) and wanted to enter us for a drawing for $1,000 in free groceries which we could buy anywhere should we win. 

Now, I knew there was a catch, that they would be calling back to give their spiel.  I figured, okay, I just won't answer the phone if I don't recognize the number, my usual tactic for avoiding sales pitches. This morning, though, I must have been in a different mood because I did indeed pick up the phone even when the caller ID displayed a suspiciously generic number.  Lo and not-so-surprisingly behold, it was the Kirby lady saying my name was pulled for a free carpet cleaning. 

Make no mistake, I know they pull everyone's name.  But the offer was just too good because our living room carpet is a mess--Shiba, our recently deceased dog, had peed all over it in her aging years, and we never did get the smell out, even with our over-the-counter carpet cleaner.  Because of this, I've been reticent about having people over. So I told the woman it sounded like a good deal and that I would run it (heh heh...pun) by my husband, asking if she could call back tonight.  She said she could, but of course, sounded disappointed, which is natural and maybe even practiced.  Anyway, again, unlike me, I decided to ask hubby right off.  I called him at work and he said yes. 

Amazingly, I called her back twice, but the phone was busy.  Then, unbelievably, I tried one more time.  (If they knew me, they would probably consider this a small miracle.)  She answered, and we set up the appointment.  I then said to her (and this is VERY much like me), "Can I ask you a question that you might not be able to answer?  Do you only get paid if you sell a vacuum or carpet cleaner?" 

The reason I asked is that some companies hire people totally on commission, and I didn't want to lead her to believe we can afford a high-tech vacuum or carpet cleaner.  Thankfully, she said they get paid for doing the cleaning and that even if we were not in the market for a product right now, we might be later, or we might tell our friends. 

This was good--I felt much better because I don't like to mislead people, even if their companies demand THEY try to mislead people.  Jobs are tough to land, and living on commission not only sucks (so to speak) it's nearly impossible.  So next week, we are going to get our living room carpet cleaned for the mere price of listening to a sales pitch.  I can feel okay about giving these folks the opportunity to earn at least some money, and I can feel better about the smell in my house.  It's a win-win. 

Oh, and I guess what I am doing now is giving this lady free advertising.  She was, after all, very nice and open to answering my rather odd question.  It's amazing what friendliness and transparency can do, isn't it?
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