Friday, March 08, 2013

Glimpses of Greatness

Everyone receives a glimpse of their own greatness.  Not fantasy.  Not our ego’s imaginatively crafted picture of how to get attention.  But greatness. 

But greatness is often misunderstood as eccentricity.  Quirkiness.  Circumstances and powerful emotions which conspire to contort our behavior to a quintessential uniqueness.  I believe these greatnesses are among the few things that reliably make the gods smile.

Compared side by side with culture – they way things ‘should be’ done – our greatness pales.  It appraises at a pauper’s ransom.  And after years of the very subtle signals society sends, elaborately critiquing that one – and sometimes only – trustworthy portal into our soul, we decide to close it off.  To save ourselves from society’s silent contempt.  Because what was intended as a rare and precious gift feels tainted in shame. 

I wish the world would stop ‘should-ing’ on us so much.  There is already a mist blocking the light that would allow us to see toward tomorrow.  The real shame is found in how often we miss seeing one another shine.
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