Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Things I Can't Find in Our House

A friend and I were having a conversation last night and ended up on the topic of "things."  We have so many "things," and we really don't need so many "things," but we still have them.  However, as I scoured my house today, I realize yes, we do indeed have too many things, but I can't seem to locate the things I am looking for when I DO need them.  Here are a few:

1.  Scissors.  We own at least 10 pairs (no lie), but there are times I can't find a single pair, especially in the kitchen.  I resort to knives. You visualize the rest.
2.  Sharpies.  You know, the permanent ink markers.  I keep buying them, and they keep disappearing, which seems ironic to me, but I can't explain why.
3.  Scotch "invisible" tape.  I buy it around Christmas in bulk, but damn if I know where the rolls disappear to.  Another irony somehow.  Same goes for clear packing tape.
4.  Duct tape.  I don't buy this in bulk, but it seems to me larger rolls would be easier to find, and at least if I can't find the Scotch tape, I could wrap gifts in duct tape. 
5.  Mints. I buy Altoids and tic-tacs that my purse seems to eat, container and all.
6.  Pens, especially those that work.  How is it possible I always have to scrounge for a pen when we've got hoards of them and when I DO find one, it's dry? 
7.  Sharpened pencils.  I need to have a pencil sharpening party some time.
8.  The beautiful pen my husband gave me.  The ink refill is sitting on my desk.  Conversely, I can't find refills for our mechanical pencils, which makes unsharpened pencils all the more irritating.  
9.  Sweat pants.  I have (had?) a couple of pairs bordering on 20 years old, and I love them, but they seem to have gone MIA or at least AWOL.  Maybe they are tired of me.
10.  Jeans and casual pants that fit comfortably.  No need to explain that one.
11.  Long-sleeved t-shirts, long sweaters and heavy sweat-shirts.  I didn't care so much about these until recently when I started getting so damned cold so often (except when I'm hot, in which case, I'm dying of heat...there's no in-between).
12. Long, cotton socks that aren't bent on strangling my ankles. I've resorted to really short socks which don't keep my feet warm, so I put a pair of looser, wool socks over them.  Then I put on slippers.  Yeah.  Back to the "I'm cold" thing.
13.  Hair brushes.  We own about 8 of the suckers, but I think they've got a private clubhouse where they hide out and giggle.

There are other things I can't find, of course, things like sanity and the laundry room floor, but I've gotten used to living without those things.  The other stuff really could use finding.

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