Monday, February 11, 2013

Confessions of a Hormonal Woman Others May Relate To

This is going to be a short confession because first, I have written about this before, and second, I want to start painting.  I was gifted with some of my mother-in-law's painting supplies yesterday when we visited David's dad, and so I owe it to her and myself to let the muse do its thing. 

For more than a year, I've gotten my period every two weeks or so, with only a couple of exceptions, this month being one of them.  I thought maybe I was starting menopause, but I'm pretty young for that.  Then I thought maybe it is stress, which is a distinct possibility, too.  I've considered going back on birth control pills to regulate it all, even though my tubes have been tied for more than a decade.  I recall when I was on the pill, I could at least track when I would burst into tears, but the side effect was, er, a decrease interest in amore, let's say.  However, the way I've been recently hasn't exactly supported our love life, unless we get away from all the daily stress, which is something we can't afford to do often.  So it might be a trade off.

I know a lot of women freak out before, during and a bit after having their period, and I'm no exception.  So...maybe it is time for a visit to my beloved OBGYN, the lovely man who gave me the tubal so long ago and has operated on me more than a couple of times since.  Perhaps he has some magical hormone that will even things out a bit. 

You know, it will be nice to come back in my next life as a lilac. 
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