Friday, December 07, 2012

Snowman Poop

...written upon request by the great Lori Connolly!  This is the back-story to a craft involving styrofoam resembling snowman poop!

Snowman Poop

by Katherine Gotthardt

I heard from Santa,
and here's the scoop--
for Christmas you're getting
snowman poop.

"Ewwwww!  That's gross!"
I bet you think.
But snowman poop--
it doesn't stink.

And 'cause it's white
instead of brown,
it blends right in
with wintry ground.

When you sled,
you hardly know
there's snowman poop
inside the snow.

You pick some up
and make a ball
and build snow babies
two-feet tall.

Then baby poop
begets some more.
Before you know it,
you've got four.

And then a dog,
and then a cat,
and all this just
from snowman scat!

Now make an igloo
from this poo,
now another
one or two.

Now form some flowers,
sculpt a tree--
there's nothing that
this poop can't be!

See snowman poop,
you'll realize,
is something used
to fertilize.

It's part of snowmen
(and women, too)
this useful, natural
form of poo.

It's mostly water,
just like us,
made from powdery,
snowy dust.

So when you finish
your snowball fight,
go right ahead
and take a bite.
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