Thursday, December 06, 2012

Raoul Josh makes it all make more sense now...

One of my Facebook friends, Raoul Josh, reminded me this morning why having a higher faith in humanity is so important.  Thank you, Raoul.  You made me feel a little less lonely in my idealism and belief in human potential.   

"But what in truth was a human being, who could be dissected or dismembered and hung up on the post and wheel, and yet in some way continued to live on? What was it that was sacred? 
"The sacred is what the one who is sacred does," he had thought: the human being as the sum of his existential choices and actions. But in the end it was something else altogether, something more important, that remained of Struensee's era. Not biology, not just actions, but a dream of humanity's possibilities, that which was the most sacred of all and the most difficult to capture, that which existed as the simple, persistent note of a flute from Struensee's era and which refused to be cut off." 
- Per Olov Enquist (from Livläkarens besök, 1999)
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