Sunday, December 16, 2012

Final Collection of Books on Blog--Gorgeous Work

Dear Saloonatics:

The Camel Saloon announces the conclusion of the Books on Blog series today with the publication of the final four scheduled issues.  Please click on the links and take in the sights and sounds.

Euphoric at yesterday’s blood, they know
the dawning day’s revenge will strike elsewhere.
The world accelerates its particles
towards inevitable entropy.

Behind our ghetto courtyard,
in the cauldron of this night,
Turin synagogue’s oriental towers
endure in silence.

Trains leave from here.  Don’t tell the Americans.

I tie myself, in heat,
to the radiator and wait
to see which of us will overheat
first in the eye of the moon . . .
Lonely and naked, I rattle
more on the inside
than any abandoned piece of metal
could ever hope to.  But the tired
machine answers more melodic.
And it is right.  I am too beaten
to remember the tune of tomorrow.

We love A.J.  Knock on her door here.  Don’t tell the Americans.

We wanted our bodies to be more than stuff
Certain airy things floating on fluffy clouds
With a stringed instrument slung on shoulders
Chipping away at time, filling night with song.

The bodies spoke rhetoric in the most retro way
As if they were gods wearing unstitched clothes
And marigolds on torsos, signifying something.

Coffee is available here.  Don’t tell the Americans.

I saw my chance
and flew the coop
away from all those chickens
I’d been cooped up with
for far too long. 
Whatever led me into
that floating trap
I’ll never know. 
It’s a wonder
we weren’t all killed
in that big floating
log jam.

Find a branch here.  Don’t tell the Americans.

These and prior volumes in the series can also be viewed at the Books on Blog™ home site at

The Camel has been traveling recently and would also like to recommend two fine tent sites.  As in would really like to really recommend:

Collective Exile.  This is online literary magazine the way it is supposed to be.  Fiction, poetry, photography, a bright clean layout, and even a coherent Manifesto.  Totally worth getting booted out of the country. Buy your ticket here:   Philosophers welcome, the door says.  Don’t tell Plato.  Or the Americans.

The Blue Hour.  A fine place for a drink after work, and even better for drinking before work.  Word, art and wine.  No cover:  What could be better?  Don’t answer that.  And don’t tell the Americans.

Please enjoy the scenes and stop by the Saloon on the way home.  The door is always open.  Don’t forget to wear the body armor.   

Russell Streur
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