Sunday, November 04, 2012

Camel Saloon's New Books on Blog™

Dear Saloonatics:
The speakeasy is happy to unveil this fine November morning two new Books on Blog.
Working Stiff, by Mike Berger of the United States, and The Indispensible Guide to Unearthly Practices, by Austin McCarron of London by way of New Zealand, have now been posted. 
Mike Berger stands on the side of the working stiff on one good leg with a kick to it.  The bosses of the world better watch out.

He said that he was going to Salt 
Lake to collect his welfare check.
A snaggle toothed grin filled his face
as he observed that he would find
a cheap room and take a bath. He
would eat a square meal at a
greasy spoon. Then he would buy a
bottle of wine and entertain a whore.

He laughed a little, saying that those
welfare guys would try to find him a job.
He would explain to them that it was
against his philosophy of life. "When
the urge to work strikes you, lay down
till it passes.”
Working Stiff is located at:

Austin McCarron is a specter haunting Europe.  Tourists are forewarned to hold onto your passports and loved ones.  Not everyone is going to make it back.

After the blood dances 
there is peace
and the spring of eyes is filled
with streams of silent water.

I too will dance like the sun and 
my song will
grow a face and smile, even though
history fails and its
light is mounted with bleeding hands.

The Indispensible Guide is located:
These and prior volumes in the series can also be viewed at the Books on Blog™ home site at
Please enjoy the poetry and stop by the Saloon on the way home.  The door is always open.
Russell Streur

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