Tuesday, October 30, 2012

From a Recent Spiritual Group Discussion on Heaven

Here's why I don't feel like going to heaven (which is convenient, since I believe in reincarnation).

"It's Too Heavenly here"
It's too heavenly here
It's too peaceful and paradise like
Straight and narrow
And much too nice like
Endlessly sunny and clear
It's too heavenly here
It's too blissful to bare
Calm and quiet and much to mellow
All my brain cells
Have turned to jello
Every day feels like a year
It's too heavenly here
I need some action
I need some juice
That crazy kind of feeling
Playing fast and loose
Some razzle dazzle
And a little stress and strife
I gotta get some life
In my life
It's too heavenly here
There's no way you can't be a singer
Roll the dice
Everyone's a winner!
It's too sensentive
It's too heavenly here
It's too heavenly here
Calm and quiet and every cloud
Has an silver lining
Everythings full of good chear
It's too heavenly here

They all so saintly
I just can't relate
There's gotta be an exit
Through that pearly gate
Behold the canine whose been
Cut down in his prime
I may have done the crime
But I can't do the time
It's too heavenly here
All hallelujahs and hosannos
It can drive anyone bananas
I'm going out of my head
This joint is deader than dead
I'll give you 8 to 3
It's too heavenly here
Tooooo heeeeaaaaaeeeenlyyyyy heeeeere!
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