Thursday, September 20, 2012

Local Politicians and Officials I KIND of Like

This is not a spontaneous post.  This is not a thing I take lightly.  Know that I have made careful consideration before making any of the following statements, as I rarely juxtapose any politician's name with positive adjectives.  However, in order to be true to my belief that no one should be lumped into a category or stereotyped, I am putting myself out on a political limb by naming some Prince William County and Virginia officials whom I believe are probably decent human beings.

Do not confuse the term "decent human beings" with my full agreement of the named politicians' policies, political actions or personal qualities.  In all cases, I have bones to pick with these leaders, but this is not the time or place to pick, and in some cases, it is not for me to delve into or judge their personal lives. 

Also, do not confuse the term "decent human beings" with hatred for those not on this list, whom I do believe deserve human rights simply because they are human, but whom I, in general, do not respect as leaders.  In addition, some politicians are not on this list because I do not know enough about their policies or actions.

My reasons for naming those below come from what I know of them and what sets them apart from other politicians.

Note that throughout the history of this blog, I have named some politicians I agree with and some I don't.  I have been quite vehement in many of my posts, up to and including being irate.  That I have come to a point where I believe I should update my positions means I have grown.

Thus, the list of politicians I believe are probably decent human beings are as follows:

VA State Senator Chuck Colgan, for his support of public education, community colleges and the arts.

BOCS Marty Nohe, for his attempt to wade through the nasty politics and hatred of the immigration discussion, for his generally moderate political actions, and for his families' dedication to children in need.

BOCS Wally Covington, for his consistent, mostly logical and always careful statements during the immigration debates; for his fair treatment of me even when I was at my angriest; and for his commitment to supporting charities.   

BOCS Mike May, for his quiet, moderate positions and his honest commitment to his jurisdiction.

BOCS Frank Principi, for his commitment to treating immigrants in a fair, just and humane manner, and for his support of the Woodbridge health center.

Former Police Chief Charlie Dean, whose policies remained fair, legally balanced and consistent throughout the immigration crisis and who was instrumental in educating the public and encouraging immigrant communities to continue to report crimes; for protecting his police force, through logical policy, encouragement and education, from actions and allegations of racial profiling.

Note that I reserve the right to change my mind at any point and that I do not assume anyone cares a whit about my opinion.

Note, too, I may update this post as time allows, which it does not at the moment.
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