Thursday, September 27, 2012

Grateful for the Letters of Gratitude and Much More

The following was a response I wrote last year when I was working through the excellent exercises in The Letters of Gratitude.  The topic was hope.

I'd like to thank authors Rob Martin and Jacq Pollock for giving me the opportunity to create something lasting--a record of my spiritual growth and reminders that every moment offers a new opportunity to achieve greatness, no matter how challenging or painful some experiences can be. 


Hope is the thing with feathers. I never used to know what that meant until I watched a bird hop, hop, flutter…fly.

It take s a lot for a baby sparrow to hop even a foot or so. That’s how I feel—like a baby sparrow. But other days, I feel like an adult, or even a pigeon, and someday, I will become a Canada Goose. My hops will be bigger, my wingspan wider, my travels longer. In the meantime, I hop my hop of baby chicks and I hope.

Hop. Hop. Hope.

Watch me, Mom! I can fly!

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