Sunday, August 05, 2012

What in the F _ _ _???????!!!!!!!!

Are you serious?  These crimes might not get prosecuted because there's no MONEY???  Isn't it illegal or something not to prosecute crimes like stalking, animal abuse, domestic violence, sexual assaults, etc.?  What the hell is wrong with Virginia??

Someone please call the FBI or DOJ or whomever about this.  I can't do it.  They are already sick of hearing from me. 

Oh, and while you're at it, ask them if they can refer a good public defender .  The AP is going to sue my ass off for republishing these stories.

Chesapeake may not prosecute some crimes

CHESAPEAKE — Some crimes in Chesapeake may not get prosecuted be­cause the city’s finances are strained. The city’s revised budget calls for habitual drunkenness, stalking and animal abuse to make the list of “non-mandated prosecution” as Chesapeake faces a budget deficit that could reach $6 million.

Domestic violence offens­es and misdemeanor sexual assaults could be added to the list if the budget is cut any more, Chesapeake Commonwealth’s Attorney Nancy Parr told the Virgin­ian- Pilot.

Steven Jenkins, the city’s budget director, delivered a grim outlook to the city council this week, outlining the expected $6 million bud­get deficit for the next fiscal year. Reducing prosecution of some crimes could save the commonwealth attor­ney’s
office $95,000, he said.
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