Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Publishing on the Web

I'm sort of in a publishing conundrum.  I keep posting my work here, which means a lot of places won't publish it because they don't want writing that was published anywhere, including on blogs.  In the past, if I've wanted to submit to a magazine or journal that had this restriction, I would remove the post and then submit. But now I am reading that some journals don't want anything that has ever been published or posted anywhere.

I can understand this fairly restrictive policy to a point.  When you are trying to make a name for your journal or maintain a status, you want to show that, for at least a time, you had the exclusive copyright to an author's work.  If the work is quality, then you earn the reputation as a worthwhile publication, electronic or otherwise.  But that doesn't pan out so well for me when it comes to my poetry and short fiction.  My blog has become my canvas.

There's something about drafting live that usually makes my first drafts better.  While I don't have a tremendous readership, knowing there's someone out there looking at my creative writing tends to make me less sloppy.  I have always brainstormed and drafted in my head, something that has served to make the revision cycle easier, but the Internet has made me even more productive in that way.

When it comes down to it, I guess my process and enjoyment are more important than getting things published.  It wasn't always like that, especially in the beginning when I needed to get things in someone else's journal to be considered a writer.  Now I have the luxury of writing more for me as opposed to editors.  There's a certain kind of freedom in that.

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