Sunday, July 29, 2012

More Stupid Questions

1.  If a battlefield isn't used for battle anymore, why do we often still call it a battlefield? 

2.  If the original meaning of "goodbye" meant "God be with thee," why do we use the word "good" now when "goodbyes" aren't always good? 

3.  About how many knights in shining armor got hit by lightening?  What about soldiers who wore metal helmets?

4.  Was jousting in a thunderstorm the medieval equivalent of golfing in the rain?

5.  Do vampires brush their teeth?

6.  Would it be better to say "My kitty has cataracts" as opposed to "My cat has cataracts"?

7.  Will more species eventually develop opposable thumbs?

8.  If ants consume fluoride, will their exoskeletons get stronger?  Could they eventually grow bones?

9.  Do asexual creatures get horny?  Do they masturbate in order to avoid getting pregnant?

10.  Why is it called "mooning" someone if you expose your butt?  The real moon doesn't have a crack down the middle.  I don't think the moon is hairy, either.
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