Thursday, July 26, 2012

Another Letter Regarding Chick-Fil-A COO Dan Cathy's Impending Visit

July 26, 2012


An Open Letter to Chick-Fil-A COO Dan Cathy Regarding Pending Visit to Manassas 

Dear Mr. Cathy,

It is my understanding that we are both coming to Manassas.  And we both have something to say about religion and its role in supporting ‘family values.’  You have worked in corporate America and hope to influence religion.  I work in religion and hope to influence corporate America.

What I have learned from being in countless churches all over America is that they are filled with people from every race who have a deep connection to ‘family.’   Indeed, I've discovered that people of every generation, every age, every gender, every political, religious, social and sexual orientation have a deep connection to 'family.'   And every 'family' they are connected to has 'value,' Mr. Cathy.

What makes a family valuable to each one of us is that it demonstrates loyalty and resilience, care and conscience.  It offers the promise of hope and fairness.  And when it really succeeds, a family understands its best contribution to the larger community is to spread love and unity instead of hate and division.  These ideals are true not only of good families but good religion.  They are also good business.    

It comes down to families being about the work of love and fairness - not just for each member of our own family but for anyone in every family.  And I can tell you from what I’ve seen when the human family feels these core characteristics threatened, we discover we all have one thing in common: we are not chicken.

Rev. Greg Ward
Interim Minister, Bull Run Unitarian Universalists 

Bull Run Unitarian Universalists is a diverse, welcoming congregation of freely chosen faith. We are a safe place for people of many beliefs to stand in awe of the wonders this world has to offer and to challenge ourselves to make it a better place, one small act of compassion at a time. 

Open parking is available in and around Old Town Manassas, including a handicapped space in front of our church building as well as complementary Sunday parking at the Manassas city garage a couple short blocks away.


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