Thursday, June 07, 2012

Public Notice

Yesterday, I felt like decapitating myself and several hundred other people.  I am pleased to announce that today, the migraine has mostly subsided; therefore, I no longer want to decapitate myself, and I've narrowed my guillotine list to 75 or so.  Those people know who they are and why I visualize them headless.  They've crossed a line that no one has the right to cross.  It's a damn good thing I'm non-violent, that the bloody instinct that lurks in all of us is absolutely under control in me.  I find violence disgusting, and while I understand its origins, I think mutilating a body is pretty much low on the evolutionary scale of human behavior.  With someone other than me, these people might not be so fortunate.  I'm sure I will reap the wrath of my statements; these people's actions are not benevolent. 

I'm taking a sabbatical until I decide my next course of action.  Yesterday, I considered deleting this blog, and I might still.  I'll save the poetry and fiction, of course.  I won't put my creative writing to death for their sake.

And no, I'm not imagining this.  I'm perfectly sane and not as stupid as they'd like to believe.
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