Friday, June 15, 2012

I'm Back

Returning from my blogging sabbatical, I am appreciating my resiliency, some of which I attribute to being able to flick off the world and turn my back when necessary.  I am perfectly capable of being alone, though I admit, a steady diet of it isn't my preference.  However, experience has taught me that dignified retreat with intention to keep up the written rebellion is a good tactic, since it doesn't require public outbursts or weapons.  I actually deplore public outbursts when I am accompanying the person out-bursting, but I find non-violent, emotional eruptions by strangers kind of interesting if I'm just watching from afar and am not a target.  That said, I know every time I post something on this blog, there will be a negative repercussion, and I have to prepare mentally for that.  Thus, my middle finger remains alert.
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