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Shameless Plug for a Felonious Pun

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Jezabel McPhearson is stuck—stuck in poverty, stuck in abuse and stuck in the world of predatory lending.  A processor for a payday loan company, Jezabel meets the poorest of the poor and begins to question her unethical employers.  Reflection that leads her to a mystical experience helps direct Jezabel towards a better life, for herself and for the people who suffer at the hands of financial criminals.
Described as “an easy read,” “fast paced” and “gritty,” Approaching Felonias Park gives readers an intimate look into the lives of the needy, those people readers might have been or fear becoming.

What Readers and reviewers are Saying

“This first novel by Katherine Gotthardt is a fabulous read. That’s because it’s the real deal, not just another tiresome presentation of variations on the depraved human condition. Most of us know more than enough about that subject already. This book, in a different mold, gently suggests, without sentimentality, that redemption is possible in spite of ourselves.”  -Clay Fulghum, Author, Editor
“Katherine’s fictional portrayal of the real predator high-interest loan system that exists is an important read. It should raise awareness of this continuing problem but Approaching Felonias Park also shows Katherine’s writing talent that should not be missed!” -C.J. Tovarich, Author, Editor
“Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt is passionate about helping the less fortunate. Not only is she a gifted poet through her Poems from the Battlefield, but now she has proven herself capable of assembing a cast of gritty, memorable characters to effectively expose a little known trap in our society that ensures generationaly poverty. This short novel is a quick read but the inequity it exposes will stay with you.” -Nancy S. Kyme, Author, Memory Lake
“…is sprinkled with humor without trivializing the serious themes addressed. Jezabel is a real person with real problems…it is unusual for a novel to be written from the point of view of a young woman who’s living on the edge, emotionally and financially.” -Bette Hileman, Author, Editor
“Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt exposes the underside of America with a sure and sympathetic touch. How many authors would venture to name their protagonist Jezebel, given the reputation of that evil Biblical queen? Yet Katherine offers a plausible explanation and then goes on to draw a memorable character working in a loan-sharking enterprise that few of us economically secure readers would recognize from first-hand experience.” -Steve Clapp, Author
“I just read Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt’s new book, Approaching Felonias Park. Excellent story…I highly recommend it. Easy to find on Amazon.
“…can’t put it down!”
“…has a touch of reality that makes you stop and think about those who are less fortunate than you are.”
“Loved the novel!  Jezabel has to be read!”
Approaching Felonias Park
Author: Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt
Publisher: Aberdeen Bay
ISBN-13: 978-1-60830-068-6
ISBN-10: 1-60830-068-4
Cover Price: U.S. $14.95 (softcover) $9.99 (Kindle edition)

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