Monday, May 07, 2012

Self-Inflicted Morning Rush

I've got about seven minutes to post, and that's not enough, which means I will sacrifice getting-cleaned-for-class time, but this is important.  Okay, maybe blogging doesn't sound like any kind of priority for those working in traditional fields, but as a writer, I need and jealously hug my writing moments, especially in the morning when it is quiet and my brain is full of ideas.  Got a great night's sleep after working Arts Alive! yesterday.  I sold Poems from the Battlefield and Furbily-Furld Takes on the World.  I was humbled by being asked to read from those books and my novel, Approaching Felonias Park.  I got to talk about writing to adults and young people and spill my guts about process and the drive to write.  So basically, I am in full-steam creative mode, which I love.

I have become queen of the two minute shower, one minute make-up slapper and five minute dressing.  Add searching for shoes and I can get ready in about ten minutes if I'm good.  I prefer 30 minutes, but like I said...I want my writing time, however short.

Shit.  I'm out of minutes already.  But I wet my hair earlier, so at least I will not look like I just stepped out of a rain storm.

More later.
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