Monday, May 28, 2012

Productivity and Rest

I've still been obsessed with working on my websites, but I'm getting tired of linking pics with URLs and importing photos and fighting with Word Press and even feeling these keys against my fingertips.  I've taken a few breaks, but today, after grading my last online paper, I am determined to get a few hours in the sun, even if I have to correct papers while I'm at the pool.  At least I won't be looking at a screen and irritating my skin, other than getting sun, which I will get out of if it becomes too strong.  Besides, my jail papers are simple to correct, and I get to draw silly faces on them.  I make stupid jokes which most of them probably don't get, but that's okay because as I've told them before, "It's all about me, not you."  Some of them don't even get that reference, but that's fine, too,'s about me.  One of the perks of being the teacher.
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