Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Hello to Ima

I don't feel very profound today, but I do feel like writing, so here I am.  Be prepared to be bored, and if you are, move on.  As I always say, no one is forcing you to read this blog or anything else.  It's not like my blog is required school reading.

So the news is that my tinnitus has worsened, and I know it gets especially bad when my sinuses act up, which barricades the ringing closer by to my eardrums.  I've got no fluid, thank God, but that doesn't make the symptoms any more fun.  Doc says don't sit in silence, which I don't usually, though music in the background tends to distract and annoy me, so I am listening now to the sound of the dryer and my rapid typing.  I'm also on a very low sodium diet which further restricts what I am allowed to eat.  Because of my lap band, I already don't eat bread, rice, pastry, popcorn, crackers, pasta, etc.  I can still eat beans, baked potatoes and some other things--I printed out a list of no-sodium food.  And I can have up to 1000mg a day, which means I don't have to waste those protein bars, but they will take up about a third of my daily allowance.  I need the protein and vitamins, though, and I won't be able to get those in with the restrictions or time constraints, since I have to cook more, which I hate.  Still, it could be much worse, and since I've been dealing with this freaking thing for years now, nothing has changed over the past six months or so except I have had a hearing test.  Just because something is now documented doesn't alter reality.  Also, I am very glad I don't get vertigo the way I used to.  Motion sickness is an okay trade-off.  And I don't have to get a dizziness test, which should replace water boarding.  One of those and you'll tell anyone anything.  So that's the ear update.

Oh yeah, and my new understanding of aging is that I'm always in the process of growing up, which we all are because we should be evolving.  We're just in different stages.

I also figured out that the reason my nail polish chips so easily is that I type a lot and rummage around in school supplies.  David says I'm hard on my hands, and that's probably true. I don't know how people with fake nails deal with it.  I'd constantly be in for a repair, which would give me absolute hueva. If you don't know what hueva is, you are missing out on a great Spanish slang word that can be used whenever you have lethargy, laziness or extreme lack of interest.

Most of this takes a back seat to the realization and acknowledgment that my other identity, with a corrected spelling to fit the New England background, is Ima Troopa.  Ima really is tenacious, as well as a little rebellious, which keeps her going.  I've apologized to Ima for having ignored her for so long.  So kissy, kissy, Ima. I love you.
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