Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Charles Reichley asks...

Regarding Zimmerman being half white, Charles Reichley, a white columnist, asks an important question in a recent column:

--That means my part in this story is to be blamed for what Zimmerman did. That is a small part of what it means to be a white person — to live in fear that some­where, sometime, a white person will commit some crime against a minority, for which I will be held guilty.

Why must I feel compelled to condemn Zimmerman, or apologize for his actions?

I wonder — do other racial groups feel this way [ when a crime is committed by one of “their own”? Do blacks feel guilty if some random African-American commits a crime? Do “Hispanics” worry when other “Latinos” do something wrong? Do Asians or the Irish or Indians or Aleutians feel it necessary to answer for wrongdoing by others of their respective “races”?--

The answer is "yes."  People who have spent time around other ethnic groups know this.  I suggest white people make more effort to associate with those from other cultures, and vice versa.
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