Saturday, April 28, 2012

Big Pharm Revisited

I know Big Pharm sucks.  I know on some level, the industry is evil, especially since they started direct marketing.  I hate listening to capitalists pitching the newest pill on the market, followed by a list of deadly, potential side effects.  It bugs me that the uninformed listener might go in and request drugs, as if doctors should be legalized street pushers.  But I can't deny that the right medication has helped me tremendously. 

My depression is controlled, and this new ADHD medication feels like a small miracle.  I can better filter things out and focus on the productive and positive.  I can more often recall what I need, which helps me pace my activities, take time for myself, relax and, hence get more done.  This week, I actually washed the bedroom curtains and cleaned out my books.  I am saying adios to my sixteen-year-old undergraduate collection.  When I allot more time for house cleaning, I intend to organize by using the newly created space.  The house is never going to be perfect, and I know the laundry will always be in a state of flux, but the place will be cleaner and more spacious.

Here are some things I am having to adjust to.  First, less caffeine.  Taking ADHD meds with a big cup of coffee is like drinking eight cups of coffee, which some people might need, but I definitely don't.  I didn't figure this out at first.  I was hyper as hell in the morning.  My hands were shaking and my heart was racing. So I am reducing--not cutting out, but definitely down. 

Second, the medication suppresses my appetite as long as it stays in my system and I can better regulate my eating, which is great.  However, once the med wears off, I am hungrier.  This makes it harder to control my eating in the later afternoon-evening hours.  That said, I'm better at managing exercise, but I need to lose at least twenty pounds, so I've got to get some better strategies in place.  I don't like to eat unless I am hungry, I try to fill up on vegetables and protein, but caloric-wise, I am not where I need to be to lose what I want.  I am maintaining my weight which includes the pounds I put on when I got sick in Mexico and subsequently had to have my lap band unfilled.

Sometimes I feel like a drug addict, a pawn of Big Pharm.  However, after years of trying to deal with these issues through various methods, I've got a better handle on life, so for that, I am grateful.  I have become pretty pragmatic about my health, as you might have noticed if you read my post on hearing aids and glasses.  Health is important, and I'm making a concerted effort to preserve mine.  There's just too many important things to do in life to let my body go to hell.

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