Sunday, March 11, 2012

Russell Streur, Camel Saloon, Strikes Again!

Russell Streur is an amazing inspiration to writers and readers alike.  His blog posts at The Camel Saloon and email updates (see below) keep us up-to-date on the literary scene, especially that scene as defined by new and emerging writers.  Thank you, Russell, for all you do!

Spring has come to the American South this morning with the ornamental pear trees all a-blossom in bright sunshine and the robins singing.  It's a fine time to open the tavern doors to add a pair of new Books on Blog to the series.  There's also that brawl in Milwaukee, Stephen going nuts with an invitation to the UFOs, Sleeping Dogs, and the Spices in Life.
The Camel will take things in order and tell all.
Books on Blog
Book on Blog Number 19, Hegira by M.P. Powers, is now published.  M.P. didn't do much last year other than breaking up with a longtime girlfriend, quitting the job he'd been with 15 years, letting his house go into foreclosure, maxing out the credit cards, reducing his entire existence down to a backpack and moving to Berlin.  For the full story on the journey out of America, click here:
Book on Blog Number 20, Rants, Confession & Other Assorted Poems by Cynthia Ruth Lewis is also now published.  Nothing I can say about the Saloon firebrand that she can't say better herself, and I'm listening:
How much is missed within the breath of whispers, the
silence that precedes confession; obsession, an endearment
lost in translation somewhere between the movement of
my lips and the delicate shell of your ear
For the rest of that story, click here:
The mathematically inclined may be curious as to why Hegira is 19th in the series but number 21 by URL.  The Camel says the mathematically inclined may remain curious.  The complete Books on Blog collection to date can be found at
A Brawl in Milwaukee
One thing about Milwaukee, it's a dependable place for poetry. Has been a long time.  For those of us with conmnections to the Cream City, there's a new lit venture open for business:  Brawler at  Stop by and let Jack know the Camel sent you.
Stephen Goes Nuts
It must be the spring moon--the Saloon's good friend Stephen Jarrell Williams went crazy last week and opened a new site for poetry submissions:  UFO Gigolo.  Submissions sought on anything to do with UFOs and other speculations:  Do not tell the aliens the Camel sent you.  Dromedary Clan still remembers what happened the last time they showed up.  What a mess. 

Sleeping Dogs
80 years ago, on March 1, 1932 ...
On the night of March 1, 1932, the infant son of famed aviator Charles A. Lindbergh and his wife Anne Morrow, the daughter of a diplomat, was kidnapped from the family's hilltop estate in Hopewell, NJ. The ensuing investigation involved not only crime fighters at the highest levels, but also members of organized crime, small-time crooks and swindlers, politicians and hangers-on who surfaced from every quarter seeking their own measures of fame and fortune in the mournful glow of the flyer and his wife. A $50,000 ransom in "marked" gold notes was paid, but the boy was not returned. Then, on May 12, 1932, the decomposed corpse of a child was found and identified as Charles Lindbergh, Jr. The search for the kidnapper or kidnappers continued until September19, 1934, when Bruno Richard Hauptmann, a German ex-convict living in the Bronx with his wife and son, was arrested after passing a gold note traced to the ransom. What was known as the Crime of the Century was followed by the Trial of the Century. Hauptmann was convicted and after several appeals, died in New Jersey's electric chair as the sole perpetrator of the crime.
Nearly 50 years later, the deathbed confession of an old woman living in the Hudson Valley, and the subsequent discovery of a gun buried in the concrete floor of the chicken coop behind her house, led to a plausible explanation not of who committed the crime -- but of who didn't.  
By the Camel's friend, Mike Foldes.
Now available online at Smashwords.Com: 
In epub formats for Kindle, Nook, Sony, Apple and more.
Download and read the free preview ...
Print edition available in March from Split Oak Press, Ithaca, NY,
The Spices in Life
Kim WIlson stopped by the tavern the other day with a big armful of copies of her first novel, The Spices In Life, which she invites all to pay forward.  Publshed through Kindle Publishing, more information at Kim's website,
The Petition to Free Zhu Yufu
The Camel sends a big Thank You to Woodland Pattern Book Center for supporting The Petition to Free Zhu Yufu.  So should you:  Woodland Pattern, by the way, is located in Milwaukee.  Like I said, it's a dependable place.
All good blessing to each of you,
Russell Streur
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