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Letter: "Cline's Shameful Role" in advocating for shackling of pregnant women

Via John horejsi of SALT
Unfortunately, I can't write to these Virginia leaders at the moment because I'm too outraged.  I've heard there is little room for emotional responses to matters like these, so it's probably best I save any outbursts for blogs where I don't have to repress myself for the sake of bullshit politics and lawmakers who have never seen the bottom of a peanut butter jar.
SALT Advocates:

Thank Delegate Patrick Hope (lead Patron),  Delegate Jim LeMunyon & Delegate Michael Webert for Co- patroning HB 836 – Pregnant Prisoner - Prohibiting use of restraints by any Correctional Facility - defeated in Militia, Police  Safety Subcommitte #2

Be sure to Read this--Letter: Cline's 'Shameful' Role... and let Chairman Ben Cline, & SubCommittee members-Edmunds, Wilt, O’Quin, Filler-Corn hear from you about this.  It’s sad there was no recorded vote.

You can contact SubCommittee members at (let them hear from you):

Cline, Del. Ben  (Chairman)
Filler-Corn, Eileen         
Edmunds, Delegate James
Wilt, Delegate Tony     
O'Quinn, Delegate Israel

Thank our patrons at:

Delegate Patrick Hope       
Webert, Delegate Michael
LeMunyon, Delegate Jim 

Please be responsive.  With thanks.   john

Letter: Cline's 'Shameful' Role...

Dear Editor, Rockbridge Weekly:

I would like to thank David Cox for his column "Deliver Us" for informing the public of Delegate Ben Cline's shameful role in torpedoing a bill that would have prevented the state from shackling incarcerated women during their labor, not to mention Cline's even more shameful statements insinuating that women in prison actually DESERVE this sort of treatment!

I would like to add that, according to the Associated Press story, it was a representative from the National Religious Campaign Against Torture who described as "barbaric and appalling" the ghastly treatment of one Virginia inmate during her labor--to which Cline replied, "Does it show concern for the child for the mother to engage in criminal activity when she knows she's pregnant? Do you agree choices have consequences?"

Might I inquire why this subject was covered in a column and not in an editorial? I should think the public would be extremely interested to hear that our local delegate thinks incarcerated women deserve treatment which an anti-torture group deems "barbaric and appalling"--particularly when one considers his recent vote in favor of forced transvaginal ultrasounds. My goodness, what sort of individual do we have representing us?!


Ruth Huebner

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