Saturday, February 25, 2012

Folks, there is indeed brain activity in Richmond!

Thank GOD!  Someone in Richmond figured out Prince William County's original "immigration resolution," the same one that beat our socio-economics to a pulp and incited cultural tensions in 2007-08, would be less than productive if implemented at the state level.  

As it stands, the original resolution was modified in PWC so that now, only those taken into custody have citizen status checked, and officers do this across the board at the jail, better protecting law enforcement personnel and immigrants. 

Unfortunately, even though these changes have been made, PWC continues to feel the socio-economic effects brought on by the hostile debate that still wages in the county because our Board of County Supervisors supported a racist agenda that ultimately tore at everyone's civil liberties. (See posts under the "immigration" label for more history on this.) 

HB1060, a bill modeled after the original resolution, was proposed and pushed by some of these very same  Board of County Supervisors and staff (this time funneled through Delegate Rich Anderson) who apparently thought spreading animosity throughout the state would be a good idea. 

Guys and gals, haven't you figured out yet that you reap what you sow?

Via ACLU:  Victory: Senate Committee Kills Anti-Immigrant Bill - The Senate Courts of Justice also defeated HB 1060, which would have required arresting officers to ascertain the citizenship status of all arrestees, whether or not they are taken into custody. 

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