Thursday, January 26, 2012

Turning Point for the Suffragists: A Memorial Planning

Below is an email I received 
about a great endeavor!  
If you are interested in 
taking part, post a comment 
and I will get it in my 
moderator's box, or 
contact Turning Point 
through their website 
or Facebook page.

Did you that in the United States, there is not one 
memorial commemorating the struggle for a woman's 
right to vote? For almost 72 years, women like Elizabeth 
Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, and Clara Barton 
fought for women's rights, to include their right to vote.

In 1917 there was a turning point in the struggle for 

voting rights for women and it happened right here in 
our own backyard. Over 120 women were imprisoned 
in Occoquan, in what we know as the Lorton Prison. 
They were beaten, force fed, and stripped of their 
basic rights. The story broke across the country, 
and the suffering these women endured spurred 
the public to push for the passage of the 19th 
Amendment in July of 1920.

I am working with the Turning Point Suffragist 

Memorial organization to help track down the 
descendents of these women who suffered while 
imprisoned at Occoquan. We hope to collect stories, 
memorabilia, and written accounts that may 
exist and shed light on who these women were 
and their experiences. It's an exciting project, 
with many talented women working to make 
this memorial come to life.

Here's where you all come in: we need people to 

know about the organization and the memorial. 
And one of the best ways I know of is to spread 
the word far and wide. Please go to their 
Facebook page (search for Turning Point Suffragist 
Memorial) and LIKE IT! Talk to your friends, 
family and anyone you think would be interested. 
You can also visit their website below to find out 
how you can help financially. We have a huge 
fundraising goal this year, and sometimes simply 
spreading the word can help immensely!

Please visit their website at 
to learn more, or feel free to ask me how you 
can help bring this long overdue memorial to life.
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